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All information related to hydro monitoring system is available for free observation and download. Utilization of data from this monitoring system must be cited as the name of URL link, i.e.: http://data.hydraulic.lab.cee-ugm.ac.id. Kindly consider t ...

Water Resources Management

– Community Participatory in Water Resources Conservation, Kalong River Sub-Catchment
During the  2003 thru 2006, the  HLCEE-UGM was accompanying the Progo-Bogowonto-Lukulo Agency (Dinas PSDA PROBOLO) to monitor and evaluate the conservation program participated by the local community at Kalong River Sub-catchment. The conservation program comprised of the construction of civil works (i.e. groundsills, gully plugs, and interception wells), the vegetation works, as well as the capacity building of the local community. Several key permormance indicators were adopted to measure the successful of the program, these included the physical measures (such as decrease in peak flow during wet season,  better yearly flow distribution along, less sediment transported towards downstream of the Kalong river, better awareness of community on the necessity in conducting conservation program.

– Portfolio Audit of Bengawan Solo Flooding
A cathastropic disaster was occured in December 2007 due to flooding along the Bengawan Solo River,  more then 7 districts have been innundated of more then 50 cm for more then three days. During May thru June 2007, the  HLCEE-UGM was asked for accompanying the BPK (Badan Pemeriksa Keuangan) to audit the possible cost of the flooding, and to provide necessary recommendations the purpose of sustainable management of flood along Bengawan Solo River. In carrying out the above task, the HLCEE-UGM adopted the experts from not only the Civil & Environmental diciplines, but also those from other diciplines, such as Forrest and Architecture.

– Portfolio Audit of Situ Gintung Dam Failure
A very rare type of disaster is a disaster which caused by the collapse of the dam, like the Situ Gintung dam failure which occured in March 27, 2009. About 100 people were killed, hundred houses and other public facilities were washed away, and remained more then 300 homeless communities. Claims with diffeterent argumentations were launched by institutions, and showed the imperfect tasks, coordinations, and authorities among thems. The HLCEE-UGM, for the second time, was again asked for accompanying the BPK to investigate the possible causes of the failure of the dam. The HLCEE-UGM was integrating the experts from various diciplines, i.e. river engineer, hydrauluics engineer, dam engineer, hydrologist, geotechnic engineer, forest engineer, water resources infrastructures, as well as landscape engineer. Conclusions on the possible causes of the dam failure were presented, and recommendations on the future sustainable management of Situs (common local term of natural small pond in West Java) were promoted.