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All information related to hydro monitoring system is available for free observation and download. Utilization of data from this monitoring system must be cited as the name of URL link, i.e.: http://data.hydraulic.lab.cee-ugm.ac.id. Kindly consider t ...

Equipments and Related Facilities

The hydraulics laboratory of DEEC-UGM occupies two adjacent locations within the campus; each location has approximately 25m x 50m and 30m x 40m. The constant head tank is provided with 3 types of pump (1 x 150 l/sec and 2 x 250 l/sec) has been constructed to facilitate the indoor and outdoor experiments.

Additional self-recirculation flow in relatively small discharge is made possible by means of submerge pump with low capacity (at the order of 20 to 500 l/minutes). Various flumes, basin, and space are described as follows;

  • Fixed-bed flume of 0.30m x 0.50m x 15.00m,
  • Tilting flume of 0.30m x 0.50m x12.00m,
  • Tilting flume of 0.60m x 0.80m x 15.00m,
  • Recirculation sediment flume of 0.60m x 0.80m x 15.00m,
  • Wave flume of 1.00m x 1.00m x 15.00m
  • Wave basin of 30.00m x 30.00m x 0.80m
  • Indoor space for specific modeling of 15.00m x 20.00m
  • Outdoor space for specific modeling of 20.00m x 20.00m

Beside equipments for conducting the basic hydraulics experiment (such as flow over venture meter, laminar and turbulent flow visualization, flow over broad crested weir, flow over sharp crested weir, flow over gates, hydraulics jump visualization, etc.), the laboratory is also equipped with modern instrumentation for measurement and data acquisition. Some of them are listed below;

  • Acoustic Doppler Velocity meter,
  • Two-dimension Laser Doppler Anemometer,
  • Miniature current meter,
  • Bed Profile Indicator and depth gage, etc.

Some experiences have also encouraged the laboratory to specially design adaptive field monitoring and data acquisition system for the purpose of early warning system for disaster occurrence, e.g. debris flow and landslide disaster.

The following table shows the list of equipment  currently available in the HLCEE-UGM;

No.Name of EquipmentCode & General Condition and Experience of UsagePhoto/Picture
1Acoustic Velocity Meter - Sontek ADVEH-14/PHKB/2006-Good
2Basic Hydraulic Bench221.0500.H2-02N-Good
3Bernoulli's Theorem Demonstration221.0500.H2-07N-Good
4Centrifugal Pump Characteristic221.0500.H2-15N-Good
5Demonstration Pelton Turbine221.0500.H2-13N-Good
6Digital Mini-Current MeterNumbers: 1
7Energy Loss in Bends and Fittings221.0500.H2-10N-Good
8Flow Channel221.0500.H2-09N-Good
9Flow Over Weirs221.0500.H2-05N-Good
10Flow Probe Global Water FP -101Numbers: 2
EH-12/PHKB/2006 - Good
11Free and Forced Vortex221.0500.H2-11N-Good
12Ground Water Flow Unit221.0500.H2-18N
13Hydrostatic Pressure221.0500.H2-04N-Good
14Impact of Jet221.0500.H2-08N-Good
15Manual Current MeterNumbers: 4
Good (2)
Poor (2)
16Metacentric Height221.0500.H2-06N-Good
17Multipurpose Teaching Flume 221.0500.H2-19N
18Osborne Reynold's Apparatus221.0500.H2-01N-Good
19Overshot Weir - Amrfield FEX 40-4 (pengukur debit saluran irigasi)EH-02/PHKB/2007
20Pitot Tube and Manometer Board221.0500.H2-16N-Good
21Point Gauge Numbers: 2
22Pressure Gauge Calibrator221.0500.H2-03N-Good
23Propeler Velocity Meter221.0500.H2-17N-Good
24Series/Parallel Pumps221.0500.H2-14N-Good
25Soil pH and Moisture meter - Kelway (HB-2)EH-16/PHKB/2006-Good
26Termometer & StopwatchNumbers:
Termometer (2)
Stopwatch (3)
All are in good condition
27Water Level Meter - Global Water - WL16 - 0-3"Numbers: 2, 0-3' and 15'
EH-13/PHKB/2006 - All are in good condition
28Weather Master 2000 (WM20)INSTALLED
EH-11/PHKB/2006 - Good (Except reading for Relative Humidity)