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April 5, 2017 : admin

All information related to hydro monitoring system is available for free observation and download. Utilization of data from this monitoring system must be cited as the name of URL link, i.e.: http://data.hydraulic.lab.cee-ugm.ac.id. Kindly consider t ...

Brief History and Current Condition

Since the first time of the establishment, the laboratory has been supporting  not only the undergraduate (Ir. Degree) education program, but also as supporting the hydraulics model test for various water resources developmenyt projects such as the development of dams,  weirs, irrigation regulating structures, diversion channels, etc., under the cooperation works with both government (Ministry of Public Works, Indonesia Power, etc.) sectors, as well as non-government sectors. Since 1994, the Hydraulics Laboratory of CEE-UGM has expanded its activities on the coastal-related modelling (shoreline changes, breakwaters, harbours, etc).

The establishment of Study Centre for Engineering Science of the Universitas Gadjah Mada (SCES-UGM) since 1986 has made the laboratory become more powerful in term of both human resources capacity as well as equipment facilities. Various and modern facilities such as wave flume, sediment flume, wave basin, indoor and outdoor facilities, including its access to instrumentation system, were made available.

The laboratory also concerns highly in various hydraulics modelling on the sediment and water-related disasters such reservoir sedimentation, tsunami, debris flows, landslides, floods, and dambreaks. The current state of the Information Technology (IT) is also utilized on the research development within the laboratory, not only for the instrumentation system to serve laboratory research, but also for the development of field monitoring and data acquisition system such as Automatic Rainfall Recorder (ARR) and Automatic Water Level Recorder (AWLR). Nowadays, hydraulics laboratory of CEE-UGM is coping with various activities related with community-based disaster management in the country.